Partnerships Using Arabic Parts
(a true story)

His whole world was his wife, his children and his career. In his mind nothing could go wrong. He was happy, charming, and loved the whole world. Everything he did was successful and very profitable. Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold!

I met David when my husband retired and we moved to Florida to enjoy his retirement. We had to have some printing done and this was when I first talked to David at any length. It wasn't long before the subject of Astrology came up. It was easy enough to discuss when I found that his birthday was the same as my Father's, but about thirty four years difference.

David was an Aquarian with his Sun opposing Pluto. This indicates he has to find out things the hard way. He never believes anything he is told until the sky falls on his head! It took about one and one-half years before he would believe that there was anything to Astrology. He read the Horoscope column in the daily newspaper, but only out of curiosity...for laughs, he said. What was happening behind his back came as quite a shock. He found it hard to believe. In fact, he didn't believe me, at first.




·  Business Partnership..........17SA43 ASC + 7th - Ruler 10th

·  Deceit and Trickery by Women.............27SA27 ASC + Mars - Moon

·  Divorce........................22LE12 ASC + Venus - 7th

·  Fraud..........................24TA39 ASC + Neptune - Mercury

·  Legal Affairs..................18AQ46 3rd + 9th - Venus

On January 9, 1982, a couple weeks before David's birthday, his Jupiter was hit by a Lunar Eclipse at 19° Cancer. This stirred my interest since Jupiter was the ruler of his fourth house - his home. Being in his tenth house and ruling his fourth can bring problems to him from both directions.

On his birthday, a Solar Eclipse at 5° Aquarius (Figure 1) hit his Natal Sun, which ruled his twelfth house. I noticed the Progressed Sun and Moon indicating that in four months he would be having a new beginning - a Progressed New Moon was forming in Pisces (still indicating twelfth house hidden matters). Transiting Mercury was stationing for its retrograde motion on his Part of Legal Affairs.

The Solar Eclipse on June 21, 1982 at 29° Gemini 47' opposed his Mars (Figure 2) that was sitting on a degree of tears. He began to suspect something strange was happening. But still not being thoroughly convinced, he let it go by. It did alert him to a possibility that someone may be not quite "up front" with him. See Transit Venus sitting on his Part of Fraud? Would he really believe anyone could be deceiving him?

When the Eclipse opposed his Mars - ruler of his eighth house of partnership money, it also eclipsed the Part of Deceit & Trickery by Women, again. One of the business partners was a woman. I knew the woman from doing business with the company. There was something - a feeling - I just couldn't get a good spiritual feeling about her. I knew nothing about her, outside of the fact that she was always trying to get our company to deal directly with her instead of taking our business to David at the other office. I had dismissed her insistence - it was more convenient to take it to David on my way home from work.

It was February 1978 that Neptune had transited his Part of Business Partnership for the first time. His partners had been quietly using his money for their own! He made the comment to me one day that he was glad to see his partners could afford to finally move into an expensive new home. Although, he couldn't quite see why they would want to buy another new car. Business was great - so he didn't see anything wrong.

When I tried to advise him that something was going on behind his back in his partnership, he was outraged! NOT HIS PARTNERS- - they were very honorable and would NEVER do anything underhanded! In fact, he would believe that I saw problems in his marriage - not his business.

With his rejection, I decided not to pursue the subject any further. After all, it was none of my business. I was just a friend trying to help. However, a seed had just been planted in my head. I thought that his marriage was going smoothly. What a statement he made. He trusted his partners more than his wife?

A Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius on December 15, 1982 hit his fourth house cusp, (Figure 3) conjuncted Mars and trined his Part of Divorce. This confirmed my suspicions that there was trouble in paradise. Now, it was March, 1983, three months later and his chart indicated things were getting hot and heavy behind his back. Everything in his chart said he wouldn't believe me - but I had to try. Neptune was transiting his Mars, the ruler of partnership money. Neptune is the ruler of his seventh house of marriage and partnerships.

David finally began to see that something was really wrong, especially when his employees paychecks bounced! The bookkeeping and check writing was done from the office of his partners. They offered him some excuse about a mixup in the checking account. His Virgo Ascendent took over at this point - he wanted to know!

He called me and made an appointment. He wanted to see what was going on. Actually he had dismissed what I had said **until** something clicked - things just didn't wash. Being an Astrologer, I could not help watching his chart. I noticed that the Part of Divorce was activated by almost all of the Eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius by trine or sextile.

I had ignored these aspects because all of the books I have read on Eclipses. The current theory was that only conjunctions and oppositions worked, that everything else was too weak. Take my word for it - any aspect to a Part sensitizes it. Once it has been aspected, it is just waiting for a trigger! (Check it out.)

It was then he told me that he thought that I was misunderstanding what I saw because he was having problems with his wife. His mind was so confused with the marital problems that he couldn't see the forest for the trees. (Neptune represents his wife and business partners!) Now, he was having problems with all types of partnerships.

He was asking for my assistance. Finally!

I did some more research and was ready with the facts when he came to me for a reading later on that week. My first question to him was did he consult anyone to check out the books of the corporation. He advised that he had.

I found the New Moon on May 12th had squared off the Part of Divorce. The Full Moon of May 26th fell in the third house, opposing his Saturn Uranus conjunction in the ninth house of legal affairs (the New Moon promise!). He confirmed they had begun Divorce proceedings earlier.

The Part of Business Partnership was the target of another opposing Eclipse at 20° Gemini on June 11, 1983 (Figure 4), followed by a Lunar Eclipse at 3° Capricorn on June 25th which hit his Mars at 29° Sagittarius 31' again. This Eclipse also hit his Part of Deceit & Trickery by Women. It was the final aspect before dissolving the partnership.

His attorney and the auditor found quite a bit of unexplainable deficits in the books. They also uncovered a second bank account which was holding a large amount of the corporate money - a bank account that David was unaware of. It all worked so smoothly that even David was helping them along without realizing it.

They had substituted a new rubber stamp "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY" in his office, routing all of the monies directly into their new account. The woman in the partnership was a Taurus and her Sun sat on David's Part of Fraud! See Transiting Mercury - his chart ruler - just leaving the Part of Fraud. His chart ruler finally left the message - a day or two before the eclipse!

During the summer of 1983, while all of this was going on, Uranus reached 5° degrees Sagittarius. This opposed his Natal Saturn for a little over 3 months, as David watched all of the structures he made in his life tumble down. He would begin again.

I asked David if he was going to sue his partners. He said that all he wanted was out of the partnership. Getting out took much longer than he had anticipated. No one could convince him to sue. David is a very spiritual man and decided that no one was to blame but himself for being so trusting. He was not paying close enough attention. He was and is still a very trusting, warm human being. His whole world had fallen apart. His wife moved out and took their three children. He was a sad, but wiser man. His partners continued to protest and as we know, legal proceedings take their own sweet time to completion. Of course, what are we to expect when Neptune was still transiting his Mars. Neptune moved into Capricorn in late November 1984 and the partnerships were all dissolved.

At least something good came out of all of this. David opened a new business on his own. He has learned his lesson on partnerships, we hope! Oh, yes . . . he also knows when Mercury goes retrograde that things begin going haywire in his life and has learned to check with me if things get too weird!!!


Discussion Time...


Every client is different. When one walks through your door, you have no idea why they have scheduled an appointment with you. Sometimes we get lucky and the client will say why they need your advice. Then you have a place to begin. However, in the foregoing case with David, it was because I could see something going on in the Natal chart that I began looking at the various Parts relating to deception, divorce, etc.

You do realize that a Part can be sensitized in many ways. Do not overlook Transit Mercury if it stations for Retrograde or Direct motion on a Part. In this instance, David's Part of Legal Affairs was activated by the Mercury station. It seems that strange things can activate a Part - like the woman business partner with her Natal Sun sitting on his Part of Fraud! Interesting!

The same is true for Transit Venus and Mars. One of these planets stationing on an Arabic Part will activate it. The outer planets from Jupiter through Pluto, because of their very slow movement, send energies to the Parts similar to the Progressed planets.

Be sure to use the appropriate Arabic Parts when there are more than one to choose from. For instance, there are two Parts of Real Estate. One is for investment purposes and the other one is for the actual purchase of homes and/or land. Therefore, if your client is only interested in investments in Real Estate, you would use the revellent Part.

The Parts marked by an asterisk "*" indicate they should be changed for PM births. The rule is - if the Sun is below the horizon in the calculated chart, this is considered a night birth. You may want to try them both ways. We have found that this rule is not always followed too closely. My own birth is a night birth and yet, my Part of Fortune, as calculated by the various computer programs, is at 11° Gemini. If it were calculated for a night birth, it would be 9° Taurus. . . which is the correct placement.

If in doubt as to which Arabic Part to use, when there is more than one, the one (or ones) that are receiving aspects or have been eclipsed within the time span of the eclipse are the ones you should be concerned with. These are the ones that have been activated. If the Part is not receiving any aspects, then the Part is inactive and useless to include in your chart.

An Arabic Part that has been activated by a Solar Eclipse will sometimes be forgotten because an anxious Astrology student does not see anything happen quickly enough to suit them. Remember, a Solar Eclipse is good for approximately eighteen months, while the Lunar Eclipse energies end at about six months. A Part that was eclipsed can activate on the last day of that eclipse energy. They can also act quickly. The Solar Eclipse of September 23, 1987 had reaction within two hours in the chart of a client.

I learned that to determine when a Solar Eclipse has no further influence in a chart, look in the Ephemeris for the Full Moon that is in the same degree as the Solar Eclipse. In most instances, that will be 17-18 months from the initial eclipse. . . thus the energy is over for that eclipse.




I had a discussion with one of my friends about the Part of Fortune and she was not too sure she had really ever seen her's work. It doesn't always work the way we would like it to work, but it does work. Follows some information on a very lucky man and just how and when his worked. . .enjoy!




Have you ever considered what the Part of Fortune represents in your Natal chart? Is it money? Is it material assets? Is it where you shine? The answer to all of the foregoing - in one very important word - "Yes". This story represents a young man in search of what he wants out of life. Ronnie (Figure 1) got his job with one of Astrology's classic Mercury-Moon aspects. When you are looking for a job and Mercury transits your Moon, you are in most instances "hired". In this case, Mercury was "stationary Direct" at 25°Taurus on his Moon the day he applied for the job.


Notice the Solar Eclipse around his chart with his Progression for the Eclipse date. His Part of Profession was conjuncted by his progressed Moon indicating he was about to embark on a career. As far as he was concerned it appeared to be just an ordinary job.




RONNIE (Natal)

Increase........................19VI18.......ASC + Jupiter - Sun
Luck............................11SC08.......ASC + Moon - Jupiter
Profession......................23AR51.......ASC + Moon - Saturn

Let us digress a bit, back to November 3, 1975 - just six months before he took this job, a Solar Eclipse at 10 Scorpio (Figure 1) hit his Part of Luck. At this time, his Progressed Moon was at 23°Aries, conjuncting his Part of Profession. This was indeed a lucky Eclipse - transit Jupiter was conjunct Ronnie's Progressed Venus in the eighth house of other people's money

The companion Lunar Eclipse two weeks later at 26°Taurus conjuncted his Midheaven, Natal Moon and trined his Part of Increase and his Progressed Ascendant (Figure 2). He was glad to get the job as his previous employment had ended and he was desperately seeking a job, any job, to pay his bills and feed his family.

So, there was an ordinary job just around the corner, waiting for Ronnie to find it. On June 23, 1976 Ronnie found his Profession (Figure 3). He worked diligently for nine years on his ordinary job...and, it was just that, an everyday job, with the normal pay raises, vacations, etc. Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary occurred until... his Natal Part of Fortune was conjuncted on November 22, 1984 by a Solar Eclipse at 1 Sagittarius It also conjuncted his Progressed Part of Finances. Transit Mercury was conjunct his Progressed Part of Luck. The scene was set.


Little things began to happen with Ronnie. He felt he was finally recognized for a job well done. Conditions seemed better, although he could not actually put his finger on it. Six months passed since the Solar Eclipse had activated his Part of Fortune. LOOK OUT! Here comes LADY LUCK...



RONNIE (Inverted)

Finances.......................00SA24......ASC + Ruler of Asc.
Fortuna (Natal)................00SA49......ASC + Moon - Sun
Friends........................15SC40......ASC + Moon - Venus
Hopes & Wishes.................06AQ30......ASC + 11th - Ruler/11th
Increase.......................25VI26......ASC + Jupiter -Sun
Luck...........................28AQ41......ASC + Moon -Jupiter

A Lunar Eclipse fell on his Progressed Part of Friends on May 4, 1985 at 14°Scorpio in his Progressed second House. The events indicate that the eclipse must have activated his rich friends. Nine days later his Boss gave him a $21,000 boat as a bonus.


Looking at the transit for that morning (Figure 4), we find the Moon conjunct Ronnie's Progressed Mercury. The Messenger of the Gods was about to give him a message that would change his life. A $21,000 yacht was a great way to begin that change! See his Natal Mercury conjunct his Progressed Part of Hopes & Wishes.

Three days later a Solar Eclipse at 29°Taurus conjuncted his Natal Moon and Midheaven. It trined his Progressed Part of Increase. This was the first opposition to the Solar Eclipse that conjuncted his Part of Fortune. What a nice aspect!


Throughout the ensuing years, other various small bonuses were given to Ronnie. We will only touch on the more lavish ones.




RONNIE (Inverted)

Fortune.......................21AR18......ASC + Moon - Sun
Increase......................26VI19......ASC + Jupiter - Sun
Long Journeys.................07LI22......ASC + 9th - Ruler 9th
Profession (Natal)............23AR51......ASC + Moon - Saturn

On September 29, 1989 the New Moon at 7°Libra fell on Ronnie's progressed Ascendant (Figure 6) and the Full Moon at 21° Aries on October 14th fell on his progressed Part of Fortune. The New Moon apparently highlighted the quality of Ronnie's work. According to "Degrees of The Zodiac Magnified", by Mohan Koparker, his Progressed Ascendant at the 6th degree of Libra indicates that the quality of work is admired by the boss. If we reflect back earlier in the year to the Solar Eclipse at 17°Pisces, you can see that it fell on his natal Mars and Mars rules one's working ability. See his Progressed Moon applying to trine the Natal Part of Increase? Ronnie's work was rewarded by a bonus of a brand new Lincoln! His Natal Part of Profession was also aspected by the Full Moon.


His progressed Equatorial Ascendant (or East Point, Equator) activated his Part of Long Journeys and Ronnie went to Wisconsin to work for several months on special assignment.





Ronnie loved the Christmas season in December, 1989. On November 28th, the New Moon at 6°Sagittarius (Figure 7), fell once again on his natal Part of Fortune. The Full Moon at 21°Gemini (Figure 8) of December 12th made a sextile to his Progressed Part of Profession and also sextiled his Progressed Part of Real Estate. It also squared his Part of Increase.




RONNIE (Inverted)

Fortune (Natal).............00SA49......ASC + Moon - Sun
Fortune.....................24AR08......ASC + Moon - Sun
Increase....................19VI18......ASC + Jupiter - Sun
Real Estate.................23AR51......ASC + Moon - Saturn

The Solar Eclipse at 8°Virgo (Figure 9), on August 31, 1989 trined his Progressed fourth House Cusp. A Christmas bonus was given to Ronnie - land to build on worth $20,000. Once again, the New Moon promised a new fortune and the Full Moon delivered the Real Estate. Transit Mars conjuncted his natal Part of Fortune (Figure 10) and his boss also gave Ronnie $10,600 worth of tools.


I have checked the Ephemeris to see if my Part of Fortune has been activated. I must have been at the right place, but at the wrong time. Have you ever seen anyone so lucky as Ronnie? There is no wonder that most of us pay little attention to the Part of Fortune. Well, now all of us should pay attention when it gets an aspect. If you are sitting at home in your living room and your Part of Fortune is aspected, nothing will happen. You have to do something to make it work. If you buy a Lottery Ticket, at the right time, you can sit in your Living Room and watch the Lottery drawing, and maybe win, but you did something!


One point worth mentioning, your Part of Spirit opposes your Part of Fortune ~ not exactly, but close enough. Remember, sometimes when your Part of Fortune is activated, so is your Part of Spirit. At times you may be playing a very spiritual role through this activation and not understand why. Think about it carefully. You are probably giving, through your Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit, comfort to someone in need of you at that particular moment. Fortune is not always a material thing!


The Arabic Parts work, but only if you work along with them. They are aspected every month - every one of them. The Moon travels the Zodiac every month. Usually the aspects come about by a Lunation or an Eclipse. There is usually always something set into motion by Progression. Do something to enhance the good aspects and definitely do something to deter the negative.


You will see charts set up by Eclipses and Progressions. Use caution. An inexperienced student would possibly jump to conclusions. Always check to see what the people involved are doing before you make your prediction. Are they helping their situation? If so, chances are you will see positive results. On the other hand, if a situation exists that is tentatively negative and no positive action is taken, advice can be offered to help improve matters.


Be sure to watch the Progressed Parts along with the natal placements. Some of them move along about a degree each month as they react to the Progressed Moon's movement. Just remember that many of the Arabic Parts are not configured with the Moon, so they will not move quite as quickly.




It was Labor Day weekend, September 3, 1983. Jake received a phone call from his father advising that his mother was very ill. He left for Florida without delay. His wife called me requesting a chart be set up to see what was going on. What was Jake going to face when he arrived at his parents home.




JAKE -Natal

Mother..........................00LI50.....ASC + Moon - Saturn
Mother..........................20AQ19.....ASC + Moon - Venus
Father..........................02CP59.....ASC + Sun - Saturn
Death...........................20SA32.....ASC + 8th - Moon
Inheritance.....................00LI49.....ASC + Jupiter - Venus
Long Journeys...................03AR11.....ASC + 9th - Ruler/9th
Travel by Air...................16LE41.....ASC + Uranus - House "where Uranus resides"
Travel by Air...................00AR00.....ASC + 9th - Uranus

Jake had 9°Cancer rising, with the sign of Virgo on the fourth house cusp, the house relating to his mother. I calculated the Part of Mother, which fell in his fourth house. Mercury had rulership over his fourth house. Aspects to natal, progressed and transit Mercury were taken into consideration. We have found that the planet ruling the house of the parent in question represents that parent . . . and aspects to and from this planet are important.


Three months before receiving this phone call, there was a Solar Eclipse on June 11, 1983, at 20°Gemini (Figure 1). It fell on his Jupiter in the twelfth house, directly opposite the Part of Death. The Eclipsed also trined the alternate Part of Mother and squared his Virgo Pisces Nodes.

The ensuing Lunar Eclipse (Figure 2) occurred at 3°Capricorn squaring the Part of Mother, conjunct his Part of Father, Progressed Sun, Mercury and Natal Venus at 6°Capricorn. The Lunar Eclipse also squared his Part of Long Distance Travel and the Part of Travel by Air. He lived in Maryland and his mother was residing in Florida. He flew to Florida on the first available plane.

Looking at the progressions (Figure 3), we find the ruling planet, Mars, exactly conjunct the eleventh house cusp. The progressed Midheaven is approaching the critical degree 29°Aries inconjuncting Neptune at 29°Virgo in the fourth house.


His progressed Sun at 1°Capricorn 37 squared the Part of Mother at 0°Libra 50 and the Part of Inheritance at 0°Libra 49. His progressed Venus at 14°Aquarius is in the eighth house, being opposed by an applying transit Mars at 13°Leo. This, I feel very significant. Mars rules the eleventh house. This is the eighth house from the fourth in Jake's chart and is representative of the death house of the mother. Since Taurus is intercepted in his eleventh house, Venus is the Co-ruler and accordingly, both ruling planets are aspecting each other by opposition.


Additional transiting planets to consider:


·  Saturn conjunct Natal Mercury (mother) both at 0°Scorpio

·  Mercury conjunct the Part of Mother.

All of these transits were taking place at the time of his mother's death. While Jake was still in flight -


* Notice his Moon, which traditionally is mother and his emotions - was not aspected at that time! He did not know his mother had made her transition. The transiting Moon at 24°Cancer was conjunct his Equatorial Ascendant at 24°Cancer, so he was very concerned. Jake was an optimist and it really didn't occur to him that his mother was not going to get well.


When he arrived at his parents home several hours later, the transit Moon was then aspecting his natal Saturn, which set off the square to his natal Moon. It was at that time he found out that his mother had passed away.

The New Moon in August was 16°Leo conjuncted his natal Moon which said something will activate his emotions. What the New Moon promises, the Full Moon fulfills. The Full Moon of August 23rd fell at 29°Aquarius 55, the exact degree and minute of the Ascendant of the Eclipse chart in June (Figure 4).


Now, we have the chart set for something to happen, and, as we know, there must be a trigger planet to set off the event. In Figure 1 you see the transits at the time of his mother's death in the first chart around the natal (middle ring).


In the outer ring, is the eclipse of June 11, 1983. Natal Saturn (center) was conjuncted by Mercury (mother) at the time of the Eclipse.


When his mother's death occurred, transit Venus (in the second ring) was retrograde at 26°Leo, making an applying aspect to the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, triggering the event. Transit Neptune at 26°Sagittarius was making an inconjunct to natal Saturn and Mercury in the eclipse chart. The transit Sun at 11°Virgo inconjuncted natal Mars completing the aspects to his mother's demise.


One further aspect which we cannot ignore. When the mother died, the elderly father was then alone. The Part of Father at 2°Capricorn 59 was conjuncted by Progressed Mercury at 2°Capricorn 39 followed closely by the Progressed Sun at 1°Capricorn 37. The message here? Mother didn't want father to be alone after her death. She led the son to father and the son brought him back to Maryland where he lived for several years. He later moved back to Florida.

Discussion Time...

Now you have seen several of the same Arabic Parts used, each with a different formula, at the same time and they all work. Although short in story, it certainly does show us how many of the Parts are activated when there is action going on in a chart.


It is important to watch the planets that represent the different people in our life when working on our various charts. In the preceding story we found Mercury to be representative of Jake's mother.


From what we knew of Jake's mother, she used to be the ruler of her own home. We find it interesting to see that Transit Mercury (mother) activated Jake's Part of Travel by Air, opposing it from the fourth (home). We also find the Transit Midheaven in the fourth making an opposition to Jake's Part of Fortune in the tenth, (the tenth house represents the father in a man's chart). Was this another way of his mother telling Jake not to leave his elderly father alone?


In our Astrological teachings, we know that Neptune in the fourth house indicates some mystery surrounding our birth and heritage. Not only was Mercury (mother) conjunct Jake's Progressed Neptune (father), as if to be sure the mystery was not revealed, we find transit Saturn conjunct the Natal Mercury, as if to close the door on the subject "once and for all."


The New Moon on September 7, 1983 at 10°Virgo 55 was the first square to the June 11th Solar Eclipse. Jake's mother died four days before that first square.


A Murder In Boston


Carol was young and happy with a real zest for life. She gave her family every reason to be proud of their daughter. Carol was an Honor Roll student. She was a college graduate. Her whole life was ahead of her. Success was in the air! Then, she met and fell "head over heels" in love with Chuck. Nothing else mattered - she was in love. She felt everything in her life was suddenly right. She would soon marry Chuck and her life would be perfect - or would it?


Her Natal chart was a strong one, with her Sun at 5°Aries in an applying square aspect to Saturn at 6°Capricorn. Her 10th house Sun speaks well of her management abilities in the work world. She was a recent graduate from Law school. Her chosen profession was in the field of tax law.


Her young man was not well thought of by some of her friends. Everyone was not convinced they were the "perfect couple" Carol envisioned. When you are blinded by the rays of love, you are looking at life through those rose colored glasses and rarely take anyone's advice.


Researching the time period, there were none of the customary Solar and Lunar Eclipses indicating a forthcoming marriage. Why weren't the eclipses there? There was the 9°Gemini Solar Eclipse on May 30, 1984 in her 12th house. An eclipse out of your 12th house is not exactly a marriage type of eclipse. Then, on November 22, 1984, there was a Solar Eclipse at 1°Sagittarius conjunct her Jupiter in her 5th house. That one looked good, until you realize that Jupiter ruled her 6th house. It spoke of her health or working environment. A Lunar Eclipse at 14°Scorpio conjuncted her Neptune in her 5th house and opposed her Venus. This one sounded more like a warning about her 5th house love interest. It squared her Natal Part of Love at 15°Leo 32'. She knew none of these warnings. The information that would have been the most important at that time was unknown. This Solar Eclipse squared her Natal Part of Treachery in her 8th house of death!


Carol married Chuck on October 13, 1985, a day before the coming New Moon! A marriage in the dark of the Moon does not promise to be a joyful one. Her life would have been different, had she married the next day, with a different New Moon promise.


The New Moon before their wedding made another one of those promises that is supposed to bring fruition before the next New Moon. The more we research, the more we wonder just how long those New Moon promises last! The New Moon, on September 14, 1985, fell on Transit Mars and squared her Natal Mars from 22°Virgo. The Full Moon, on September 29, 1985, fell on her Sun at 5°Aries. But how on earth was anyone to know that her new husband (Sun) would take her life by the use of a gun (Mars) and shoot her in the head (Aries) four years later?




Carol (Inverted)

·  Anareta (Natal)..13CN48=ASC + Moon - Ruler ASC

·  Catastrophe..13SC57=ASC + Uranus - Sun

·  Death..08SA42=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  Divorce..08SA40=ASC + Venus - 7th

·  Love (Natal)..15LE32=ASC + Venus - Sun

·  Self-Refocalization..27PI49=ASC + Pluto - Saturn

·  Treachery (Natal)..14AQ56=ASC + Neptune - Sun

·  Treachery (Prog.)..07AQ27=ASC + Neptune - Sun

All of the above Progressed Parts were activated in Carol's chart at the time of the Marriage (Figure 1). Her Natal Ascendant 13°Cancer 48 was in aspect to the Progressed Part of Catastrophe. The Natal Ascendant was the Anareta, the taker of life. Her Progressed Part of Treachery was conjuncted by Jupiter. Jupiter is supposed to be positioned well when it transits the 7th house at the time of marriage - and - for all intents and purposes, without the use of the Progressed Arabic Parts, no one would have been the wiser! In fact, no one was aware that Carol's life was limited by this union. At the time of this marriage, the choice for ending it was Death or Divorce - two Progressed Arabic Parts that were separated by only two minutes, in opposition to Venus. There was a choice, but no one knew just how close the decision had to be, and, the wrong one was made.


Look at the aspects in her chart on that wedding day. Her Progressed Sun at 1°Taurus was in opposition to her Natal Moon. Her Natal Mars-Saturn opposition has come to fruition - within one minute to exact opposition! Doesn't this speak of violence? The Transiting Pluto-Mercury conjunction was applying to conjunct her Progressed Neptune. Doesn't this speak of deceit? Her Progressed Mercury was applying to a conjunction to her Natal Sun. One cannot help but wonder if somewhere, deep down in her subconscious mind, a thread of doubt manifested and she ignored the warning. The Progressed Part of Self-Refocalization was opposed by that New Moon on September 14, 1985. But, unless she voiced that fear to her Mother or a close friend, we will never know.

Figure 1 - Inverted Chart

Chuck was a young man with a mission. He was determined to move up in life and improve his social status. No matter what it took, nothing would hold him back! And, move he did, up from $4 an hour to $100,000 a year with his imaginary college education he presented to his new employer.


Look at his chart - 7 out of the 10 planets are positioned on the east side of his chart. This man was ambitious. He had a strong chart - a very egotistical chart. The 4 planet and 4 Arabic Part stellium in his first house tell quite a story. It is said that some Sagittarians have "hoof and mouth disease". Did this man talk himself into a marriage he really did not want? His Mercury at 5°Sagittarius conjuncts his Part of Deceit and Part of Self-Undoing.


His Venus conjuncts his Part of Fate. Was this a karmic union? On the day of their marriage, his Progressed Ascendant became his Progressed Part of Bondage. It is interesting to note that his Natal Part of Fortune . . . . was also his Part of Bondage. This proves that he would do anything to climb that social ladder!


Did Chuck have such an ego problem that he could not back out of the marriage? During 1985, his Progressed Midheaven was conjunct this Part of Treachery. This Part is described as "The Web". He had been weaving his "Web". Born on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks, Chuck began to fraudulently create his background shortly after meeting Carol. He was working as a cook, for little money.


He decided to become someone to be reckoned with. He succeeded. At the age of 21 he created an impressive resume that landed him a job with a well known furrier in Boston. The fraudulent information was not investigated by his employer. By 1985 he was making $100,000 a year as General Manager.


Let us see what was going on in Chuck's chart on the day of the wedding...let the Arabic Parts tell the story.



Chuck (Natal)

·  Bondage, Natal..06CN52=ASC + Moon - Ruler of Moon

·  Bondage(Prog.)..21SA15=As above

·  Death..03SC42=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  Deceit..05SA27=ASC + Venus - Neptune

·  False Love..27SC27=ASC + Neptune - Venus

·  Fortune\Men's Marriage..05LI56=ASC + Venus - Saturn

·  Fraud..14LI03=ASC + Neptune - Sun

·  Karma (Fate)..13SA34=ASC + Saturn - Sun

·  Marriage..20GE32=ASC + 7th - Venus

·  Self-undoing..05SA03=ASC + 12th - Neptune

·  Sickness..04SC04=ASC + Mars - Saturn

·  Treachery..14LI04=ASC + Neptune - Sun

The above list of Arabic Parts would truly make one wonder what kind of a person they were marrying if they were to analyze the chart of their intended before taking that final step. Perhaps that would be a good idea, but how many of us are that practical at such a time in our lives? To realize that all of these parts were activated should make one take a hard look at what their life would be like living with someone with these attributes.


Looking at the chart (Figure 2), we find the Part of Deceit and Part of Self-Undoing are both conjunct his Mercury. Progressed Pluto retrograded back into the fifth degree of Virgo, beginning to activate this conjunction through it's Natal Square.


Another negative influence is found with Transit Pluto and Mercury conjunct the Part of Sickness and Death. The Progressed Midheaven has conjuncted the Part of Fraud and Part of Treachery.


We explored the Arabic Parts looking for something positive to say about this man, with little success. We are speaking entirely from the viewpoint of the Arabic Parts. His Part of Marriage had a trine from the Transit Sun on the day he married Carol. His Progressed Ascendant had been in opposition to the Part of Marriage for almost a year. His Progressed Venus was conjunct his Part of Karma (Fate).


Carol's own Natal Sun made an opposition to the Part of Fortune in Men's Marriages in Chuck's chart. This Part of Fortune in Men's Marriages was sitting exactly at the trigger or sensitive point in Carol's Yod.


Looking at the New Moon promise in this chart, we find the lunation in the 10th house of his career and destiny, squaring his Progressed Ascendant and Progressed Jupiter. The Full Moon fell in direct opposition to the Part of Fortune in Men's Marriages.


One further point cannot be ignored. When the Marriage Sun was calculated, it fell at 27°Aquarius, activating the Part of False Love in Chuck's chart. This activation probably made him realize he really was not in love. This, obviously, is not an excuse for murder. Divorce should have been the answer.


Looking into Chuck's 12th house we find Venus - an indication of hidden love affairs. In 1989 Carol became pregnant. Chuck became interested in another woman - and - Saturn returned to its' natal position. Saturn says it is time to grow up and become responsible adults. So, while Carol was happily becoming a Mother,Chuck was busily pursuing a new love life.

Figure 2 Chuck Natal


No one is innocent when they become involved in an extra-marital love affair. Chuck met Debbie when he began working for an exclusive furrier. She worked there for the summer. They kept in contact after she returned to college in the Fall.




Debbie (Natal)

·  Bondage..28CN08=ASC + Moon - Ruler of Moon

·  Bondage(Prog.)..00GE04=As above

·  Catastrophe(Prog.)..20CN42=ASC + Uranus - Sun

·  Death..20CN58=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  False Love(Prog.)..01SC59=ASC + Neptune - Venus

·  Fortune(Prog.)..00GE04=ASC + Moon - Sun

·  Love..28SC27=ASC + Venus - Sun

·  Stability..05AQ40=ASC + Saturn - Mercury

Looking at Debbie's chart (Figure 3) her Sun at 12° Capricorn. This young lady was drawn into a relationship with Chuck. It appears to be karmic in nature, stemming from an interrupted or unfulfilled love relationship from a past life. Debbie's South Node held Chuck's Scorpio Venus.

Debbie's Mercury was conjunct Chuck's Part of Stability. Her Progressed Sun was conjunct her Natal Part of Stability. Was Chuck (her Progressed Sun) leaning on her for stability? But what stability? Her Natal Moon is conjunct his Prenatal Eclipse point at 8°Libra 34, and - both falling on his Progressed Part of Treachery! Carol (Figure 1) has a Yod in her Natal Chart between her Sun, Neptune and Pluto. Her Sun sets up a Yod in Chuck's chart (Figure 2). Debbie's Natal Moon, as well as Chuck's Part of Treachery, are at the reaction point in both charts at 8°Libra! This is the Solstice Point of Carol's destiny - her Midheaven!


Debbie's Jupiter conjuncts Chuck's Leo Moon. Her Progressed Ascendant was conjunct his Natal Ascendant. She may have had thoughts of love as her Retrograde Jupiter progressed to trine her Part of Love. It could not have been a very stable feeling. Chuck was experiencing his Saturn return. Debbie had Saturn transiting her Sun. Chuck's Progressed Saturn conjuncted Debbie's Natal Sun. Chuck was the Saturn on Debbie's Sun! Could this have lasted? Debbie was blessed that it did not go any further. Her Progressed Arabic Parts indicated that her Progressed Part of Fortune had also turned into the Part of Bondage. Fortunately, it was not activated. There are no indications that she was aware that Chuck was planning to kill his wife. One would wonder if they had married - would he have taken her life also?


On the day that Chuck murdered Carol, the Transit Sun was beginning to conjunct the Progressed Part of False Love at 1°Scorpio 59 in Debbie's chart. Note that her Natal Part of Bondage was trine her Part of Love, indicating that she could have serious problems under this influence. See her Retrograde Jupiter moving in to activate this trine of Arabic Parts.


The New Moon that fell at 7°Libra on September 29, 1989, conjuncted Debbie's Natal Moon in her Progressed tenth House of Destiny and Reputation. Her Natal Moon was the ruler of her Progressed 8th house. The Full Moon on October 14, 1989, fell in her Progressed 5th house of love affairs at 21°Aries, opposing her Natal Mars at 15°Libra, along with her Progressed Mars at 24°Libra. Debbie had just had her Mars return a week before. The warning was there in her chart. It squared her Progressed Part of Catastrophe at 20°Cancer 42.


The New Moon before Chuck's suicide at 6°Capricorn conjuncted Debbie's Natal Mercury and Sun. The Full Moon of January 11, 1990, fell exactly conjuncting her Progressed Part of Catastrophe at 20°Cancer 42. It also conjuncted her Natal Part of Death. The Arabic Parts indicate that Debbie was totally shocked by the whole episode.She was indeed blessed to have been removed from the love affair.


Chuck was not a man that wanted to be tied down with paying alimony and child support. There had to be another way. He began buying more life insurance on Carol. She became concerned, but not enough that it worried her. She was still deeply in love with her husband. In her eyes, he could do no wrong!




Chuck (Inverted)

·  Boldness, Violence & Murder(Natal)..16CN53=ASC + Moon -Jupiter

·  Boldness, Violence & Murder)Prog)..05VI49=As above

·  Corruptness (Natal)..27CP27=ASC + Neptune - Venus

·  Corruptness(Prog)..15SC37=As above

·  Danger, Violence & Debt..03CP23=ASC + Mercury - Saturn

·  Deceit & Trickery..23AR23=ASC + Mars - Moon

·  Disappointment & Endings(Natal)..03CP34=ASC + Mars - Neptune

·  Disappointment & Endings(Prog)..08CP54=ASC + Mars - Venus

·  Violence (Natal)..11CN09=ASC + Mercury - Spirit

The things that work on our mind are endless. Depending, of course, in which direction our mind works and which Parts and planets are activated in our chart. The above list of Arabic Parts were ALL activated (Figure 4) while Chuck was plotting to kill Carol. The Natal Part of Boldness, Violence and Murder was being activated by Chuck's opposing Equatorial Ascendant. The Progressed Part conjuncted his Natal Pluto at 6°Virgo. His Natal Part of Corruptness was being aspected by conjunction with his Progressed Sun, while the Progressed Part was being transited by Pluto and the Transit Vertex.


It seems almost impossible that anyone could have this much going on, all at the same time, but...there's even more. If you remember his Part of Stability was influenced by the unreliable vibrations of Transit Uranus. His Part of Danger, Violence and Debt at 3°Capricorn 23, and, the Natal Part of Disappointment and Endings at 3°Capricorn 34 were now resident at the same point, conjunct his Natal Part of Stability - conjunct his 2nd house cusp! His Natal Part of Violence was being activated by the opposition from Progressed Saturn.


His Progressed Part of Disappointment and Endings was being directly conjuncted by Transit Saturn. On the night of the murder, his Progressed Part of Deceit and Trickery was being opposed by Transit Mars, and, conjuncted by the Transit Part of Fortune. He was so sure he would benefit from the insurance money.


After the fatal shot to the back of Carol's head, he turned the gun on himself. The gun was an old one. Chuck took it from the safe at the fur store. It had not been used for quite some time. When turning the gun on himself, he was injured much more than he had intended.


A black man, he said, accosted them as they came out of the Women's Hospital. He robbed them, shot them, and fled. They had been regularly attending the child birthing classes there. It was considered a bad neighborhood. Chuck took advantage of it.


There were many flaws in Chuck's ill thought out murder plot, which would soon make a treacherous change in his destiny.

Figure 4 - Inverted



At first Chuck tried to get someone to kill her. He looked up an old high school buddy, saying that he wanted Carol to get an abortion, but she would not agree. He said no, he would not commit murder. He later appeared on TV, relating the episode.


Chuck then approached one of his brothers who did not take him seriously. He took it as a joke, they say. But, his younger brother, Matt, was under the illusion that his brother could do no wrong. At this point, Matt was not aware that Chuck was about to murder his wife. Chuck had Matt believe that he needed money very bad and wanted him to help him out in a robbery. Matt was to receive a large amount of money for his help. When they made a practice run on the Sunday before the murder, Matt was still under the impression that his brother was just going to drive by and throw the stolen goods into his car through the passenger side window.


It was after Matt heard about the murder that he opened the bag to find the "supposedly stolen" personal effects belonging to his brother and sister-in-law. There was also a .38 revolver, the murder weapon, in the bag. He kept Carol's diamond ring and disposed of the balance in a near by river, with the assistance of one of his close friends.


It was shortly after this event that Chuck fell from the pedestal where Matt had held him for so many years. His brother had accused an innocent black man of the robbery and shooting. Chuck had falsely pointed out this man for the murder of Carol. Chuck did not realize that his younger brother, Matt, could not handle this lie and would turn him into the Police.




·  Death of Siblings(Prog.)..19CN22=ASC + 10GE00 - Sun

·  Delusion (Prog.)..18PI07=ASC + Neptune - Moon

·  Friends..20LE36=ASC + Moon - Venus

·  Friends (Prog.)..23LE41=As above

·  Karma..05AR46=ASC + Saturn - Sun

·  Treachery..10SA26=ASC + Neptune - Sun

Matt (Figure 5) was unaware of the strong planetary influence he felt from his brother. He thought that Chuck could do no wrong. Chuck's Sun sat at the top of Matt's Natal chart, conjunct his Midheaven, a very strong influence. Chuck's Natal Uranus conjuncted Matt's Part of Friends and Matt looked upon him as a friend, as well as a brother.


The Part of Treachery in Matt's chart was not activated - except - when Chuck was around - his Natal Mars conjuncts it by two minutes!


A Solar Eclipse fell on Matt's Natal Ascendant and Saturn at 17°Pisces on March 7, 1989, conjuncting his Progressed Part of Delusion. At this point, Matt was so impressed by his big brother's success, he would have done about anything for him. This had to be the reason for his cooperation.

Figure 5 - Matt

The Eclipse made an aspect to his Part of Death of Siblings at 19°Cancer. Matt's Part of Karma was conjunct his Natal Mercury. He must have thought that he was obliged to carry out his brother's (Mercury) wishes.


The brother that Matt had felt was his friend fell by the wayside on the evening of this murder as his Progressed Part of Friends fell in the transiting South Node!


The New Moon before the murder fell on Matt's Progressed Moon at 7°Capricorn and the Transit Saturn-Neptune conjunction. The Full Moon at 20°Cancer 42, conjuncted his Progressed Part of Death of Siblings at 19°Cancer. This Lunation was indicating the death of his brother, Chuck.


Looking at Carol's Inverted chart (Figure 6), progressed to the day of her murder, reveals many bits of interesting information by the use of the Progressed Arabic Parts and the Progressed Marriage Sun.




Carol (Inverted)

·  Anareta(Natal)..13CN48=ASC + Moon - Ruler of ASC

·  Anareta(Prog).. 18PI42=As above

·  Assassination (Natal)..17SA36=ASC + Ruler 12th - Neptune

·  Danger..07SC08=ASC + Mercury - Saturn

·  Death..13LI51=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  Fortune..18PI42=ASC + Moon - Sun

·  Husbandry(Natal)..13PI31=ASC + Saturn - Venus

·  Life..17AQ14=ASC + Full Moon before birth

·  Male Children..15LE00=ASC + Jupiter - Moon

·  Marriage Sun..01PI05

·  Peril(Prog)..05LE55=ASC + 8thRuler - Saturn

·  Peril(Natal)..13CN48=As above

·  Place of Murder..07AQ55=ASC + Mars - Saturn

·  Treachery..06AQ16=ASC + Neptune - Sun

All of the above Parts were activated at the time Carol was murdered by Chuck. The Progressed Marriage Sun was in opposition to both her Progressed and Natal Pluto. Her Natal Venus was set in a T-Square with the Parts of Place of Murder and Treachery in her Progressed 7th house and in opposition to her Part of Danger and Violence. Her Progressed Venus was in square aspect to the Part of Husbandry. Transit Venus was applying to a conjunction with her Natal Part of Assassination. Her Progressed Part of Fortune became the Anareta (taker of life) in direct opposition to her Progressed Part of Assassination. Carol's Part of Life at 17°Aquarius 14 was conjuncted by the Lunar Eclipse on August 17, 1989.


The fact that she was pregnant with a male child is evident by the aforementioned Lunar Eclipse. It opposed her Part of Male Children. On the day of her death, the Transit Vertex was squaring this Part.


Carol's Natal Ascendant was the Natal Anareta and Part of Peril. It was in square aspect to the Progressed Part of Death. The New Moon on September 29, 1989 fell opposing Carol's Natal Sun, the reaction point to her Yod! The Full Moon took place on her Progressed Midheaven and opposed Transit Mars (a gun). The Full Moon also made a sextile aspect to her Natal Mars.


The Transit Sun (Spirit) was conjunct her Natal Moon (soul) to lead her back to Heaven. The Transit Moon at 29°degrees Leo and the Midheaven at 29°degrees of Aquarius sat on a degree of tears to mourn her passing.

Figure 6 - Inverted Chart

The placement of the Arabic Parts in Chuck's chart gives an indication that the man was not as stable as he lead people to believe.




Charles (Inverted)

·  Assassination..07AQ47=ASC + Ruler of 12th - Neptune

·  Karma (Fate)..09SA46=ASC + Saturn - Sun

·  Lovers..05LE37=Mars + Venus - 5th

·  Perversion..22AR31=ASC + Venus - Uranus

·  Place of Murder..15SA28=ASC + Mars - Saturn

·  Slyness..27AQ46=ASC + Neptune - Pluto

·  Stability (Natal)..03CP35=ASC + Saturn - Mercury

·  Stability(Prog)..15SA45=As above

·  Treachery..07LI23=ASC + Neptune - Sun

·  Violence..27LE29=ASC + Mercury - Spirit

We found all of the above Parts active in Chuck's chart on the night he murdered his wife (Figure 4). This asked the question - was this man's mind stable. His Natal Part of Stability was activated by Uranus in January 1989. However, looking back, Neptune began it's transit in mid-February 1985, the full month of March, and stationed on it in April. It did not leave that degree until the end of May. Neptune returned for another transit in late December and early January 1986.


In mid-July 1986 Neptune made another transit and, once again, stationed for direct motion on 3°Capricorn. Neptune made it's final exit from his Part of Stability on November 14th, 1986.


In December 1988, Saturn spent about a week in transit over this Part. This could have been the most stable period Chuck had in spite a while. On January 22nd, Uranus made it's transit for almost 3 weeks. We know that Uranus is not a stable influence. Uranus returned in retrograde motion on June 9th and left the Part on July 3rd. On the day Chuck murdered his wife, Uranus was at 2°Capricorn and applying for it's final transit. In the Natal Chart, the Part of Stability was conjunct his 2nd house cusp - just inside the 2nd house. Our personal values are found in this house.


Looking at the Progressed Part of Stability, we find it conjunct his Part of Place of Murder and into alignment with his Natal Jupiter. Transit Venus had just touched this conjunction the day before. Charles was having a Venus return! Notice that Progressed Part of Karma (Fate) was conjunct his Natal Mars.


Charles was in love with another, it is said. His Progressed Part of Lovers was in trine aspect to his Natal Mercury which tends to prove this out. The Marriage Sun had progressed into square aspect with his Natal Ascendant. His Progressed Part of Violence was in opposition to the Marriage Sun at the very beginning of his Marriage to Carol - the Marriage Sun was at 27AQ05.


The New Moon on September 29, 1989 at 7°Libra fell on his Progressed Part of Treachery. The Full Moon at 21°Aries conjuncted his Progressed Part of Perversion. Transit Mars (a gun) was in direct opposition (by one minute) to the Part of Perversion. The Part of Place of Murder was hidden in his Progressed 12th house, along with his Natal Mars (gun). He was operating out of his 12th house (behind Carol) when he fired the gun that took her life.


At 9:30 PM, on October 23, 1989, Christopher (Figure 7) was taken from his Mother's lifeless body. He was 2 months premature, with massive brain damage.





·  Anareta..06CN25=ASC + Moon - ASC Ruler

·  Bondage..05TA24=ASC + Moon - Moon Ruler

·  Catastrophe..07VI56=ASC + Uranus - Sun

·  Death..02SA23=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  Peril..06CN25=ASC + 8thRuler - Saturn

·  Soul..11CN30=4th + Moon - Sun

·  Spirit..07VI25=ASC + Sun - Moon

The doctors were amazed when little Christopher, with all of his medical problems, lived 17 days. During that time, his Father, who did not want him born, held him in his arms. Was Chuck fascinated by this little boy who managed to live in spite of his efforts? Chuck's Part of Perversion and Fascination was in opposition to this child's energy - his Natal Mars. The child's Part of Death lay on his Father's Natal Ascendant. His death was on his Father's hands.


Did Christopher survive just to show Chuck that he couldn't control everything? His Part of Soul was next to Jupiter. His Part of Spirit and Catastrophe were both energized by the Solar Eclipse at 7°Virgo on August 30, 1989, just 54 days before his birth.


The New Moon on October 29th fell at 6°Scorpio, opposing Christopher's Part of Bondage, which was also his Part of Fortune. It trined his Ascendant, which was the Anareta and Part of Peril. The Full Moon widely opposed his Part of Death. The Transiting Ascendant at 2°Sagittarius made it final when it conjuncted his Part of Death. The Transit Moon at 24°Pisces trined his Vertex as he slept away, back into God's loving arms.

FIGURE 7 Christopher Stuart


On January 4, 1990, Chuck jumped from the Tobin Bridge to his death. What made this man take his own life? Was his grief more than he could bear?




Charles (Inverted)

·  Anareta..06CN52=ASC + Moon - Ruler ASC

·  Bereavement..18CP47=12th + 12th Ruler - Neptune

·  Death..21SC16=ASC + 8th - Moon

·  Fortune..06CN52=ASC + Moon - Sun

·  Marriage Sun..01PI02

·  Suicide..26CN30=ASC + 8th - Neptune

They say he showed little or no grief after Carol's death. However, the Progressed Part of Bereavement (Figure 8) was caught up in the Full Moon that opposed his Mercury and conjuncted his Part of Suicide.


The New Moon on December 28, 1989 fell at 6°Capricorn 22 in opposition to his Part of Fortune which was also the Anareta. Your Part of Fortune, in most instances, is where you shine. Perhaps Chuck, with his over-emphasized ego, knew that he was not shining anymore! Transit Uranus was caught up in the New Moon as it was applying to an opposition to the Anareta. The Marriage Sun had Progressed square to his Natal Ascendant.


Squares by the Marriage Sun are usually sure signs of trouble in a marriage. Chuck had created the trouble. He surely felt Transit Saturn conjunct his Equatorial Ascendant. The Progressed Part of Death was in square aspect to his Natal Uranus. A quick death. This was what he needed. A exit from a world he could not face. The Lunar Eclipse on August 17, 1989, squared Chuck's Natal Part of Death at 21°Scorpio.


The Solar Eclipse on August 30, 1989, at 7°Virgo 48, conjuncted his Pluto and Progressed Moon. He was obsessed with the idea of getting away from everyone. He did not want to face what he had done. All he could think of was what people would say about him. No one would understand his dilemma.


His Progressed Sun was in direct opposition to his Natal Part of Suicide at 26°Cancer that morning when he left his new car, motor running, and took that final leap to his death.

Figure 8 Inverted Chart


When will we learn that an opposition means that the circumstances and vibrations are not right for the event we are planning? Did you notice all of the oppositions in Carol's chart? They were also there in Chuck's chart. It seems every time something is about to be done at the wrong time, oppositions appear in the charts. When are we going to listen? If you were to find the Progressed Ascendant in opposition to the Part of Marriage, would you advise your client to go through with a marriage?


We are beginning to think that when an event such as a wedding is planned, the New and Full Moons should be engraved in the Marriage chart! It is entirely possible that the New Moon promise could be interpreted to mean something really nice, but then - would it be truthful? Whenever we find Mars caught up in an Eclipse or Lunation, we take special note...there's that gun again! It would be an excellent idea to check out those Arabic Parts very carefully when such energies fall in a chart you are working with.


In Carol's chart, that was especially meaningful because of her own Natal Mars, the ruler of her Sun, being squared by the Lunation and Transit Mars! What could have been said that was positive? Just look at her Natal Ascendant in square aspect to her Part of Catastrophe. What a warning! Then, of course, there is the big question - would she have listened - would she have believed that her Prince Charming would do her harm?


The 7th degree of Aquarius was also quite prominent in this disaster. On their wedding day Jupiter was 7 Aquarius 18, conjuncting Carol's Progressed Part of Treachery in her 7th house of partnerships and marriage. Then, on the day Chuck murdered her, the Part of Place of Murder was found in Carol's 7th house, conjunct the Part of Treachery which had now progressed to 6°Aquarius 16, all of which was in square aspect to her Natal Neptune, the ruler of her destiny!


Looking in his chart we find the Progressed Part of Assassination at 7°Aquarius 47, the EXACT DEGREE AND MINUTE of Carol's Progressed Part of Treachery! We researched all of the books available to us on the meaning of the degrees of the zodiac, but found nothing fitting to what this degree has represented in this life drama.


Looking back at the aspects in Matt's chart. How do you feel about that Part of Karma at 5°Aries? Was this the turning point that made Matt decide to turn his brother in? Was his Karma with Carol, with his brother, or both? You can't help but wonder about this when the degrees are so prominent in several of the charts.


Everything seemed to surround the Yod in Carol's chart, and, by placing her Sun in Chuck's chart, he had the same Yod! Everyone was karmically drawn together to bring the Yod to fruition. The reaction point really told the story. All of the following fell at the reaction point of both Yods:


·  Carol's pre-natal eclipse point;

·  The Solstice Point of Carol's Midheaven;

·  Chuck's Progressed Part of Treachery;

·  Chucks Part of Fortune in Men's Marriages;

·  Debbie's Natal Moon.

It looks like two women from Chuck's past karmically set him up for "the kill". It took Carol's Sun to set up the Yod in his chart. Then, there was Debbie's Moon at the reaction point. Two women, one creating the Yod, while the other supplied the reaction point! But, when you look at it closer, it was Chuck's own Part of Treachery that made the difference. There was also Carol's Solstice Point of her Midheaven to consider - if the Yod was activated, so was her destiny.


You really must learn how to find all of the points that have been discussed in this story. Some are probably new to you, while others you have heard of, but haven't the slightest idea where they come from. The pre-natal Eclipse Point is quite simple. Look in the Ephemeris before you were born to the Eclipse just before your birth. It can be Solar or Lunar. This is your pre-natal Eclipse Point. As you have just read, important - sometimes even life changing events happen on this degree.

The Solstice Points are easy to find. You take each of the important points in your chart - The Midheaven, Ascendant, Sun, Moon, etc. and subtract each one from thirty degrees, i.e.


·  Thirty degrees equal...29.60

·  Carol's Midheaven.....-21.49

·  Solstice Point...............08.11

The Solstice Points by sign are as follows:







Therefore, Carol's Solstice Point for her Midheaven is 8°Libra,or the reaction point in the Yods.


In the future, we should make it a practice of applying all (well almost all) of the Arabic Parts to a chart. If we find stelliums, such as the one in Chuck's Natal chart, it would be to your advantage to be extremely cautious! Of course, if we find a stellium of positive Arabic Parts...we can rejoice!


The negative Arabic Parts can be found in charts of all Sun Signs. Do not ever make a "carte blanche" statement concerning a specific Sun Sign. You must remember that each person is a unique individual. No one is an exact carbon copy of another. You may find that you think two individuals are very much alike, even down to their planetary placements in their charts. Check out those Arabic Parts to see the difference. Remember, identical twins are as different as day and night!


Every 4 minutes difference in time brings a new degree rising on the Ascendant, and this makes a difference. This is important to remember - especially when you hear someone putting all of their "Sun Sign" people in one basket!


Oh yes, the Marriage Sun? You take each party and progress each chart to the date of the wedding ceremony. Add the two progressed Suns together and you have the Marriage Sun. Check it out in your own charts and see if it doesn't point to important events that have happened during your life! It works and take heed at what it may point out coming in your life. It is as exact as your birth time permits it to be!

Marriage, Joys & Sorrows

©Marianne Payton


They were young - they were in love - so they eloped - TWICE! The first time they went to Georgia. Henrietta was 19 and John was 20. To their dismay they learned John was too young to get married according to Georgia laws. They returned home. Two weeks later Henrietta found out that the laws in South Carolina were different. They were off again, and this time they were successful.




Marriage;15LE58======>ASC + Descendent - Venus
Increase;00AQ32======>ASC + Jupiter - Sun
Death;07SA29=========>ASC + 8th Cusp - Moon
Female Child;17PI40==>ASC + Venus - Moon
Male Child;02PI41====>ASC + Jupiter - Moon

In Henrietta's chart (Figure 1) the planet of sudden, unexpected actions, Uranus, was the prime target for the Solar Eclipse on June 10, 1964. It hit her Uranus less than a year before their marriage. The companion Lunar Eclipse fell on her Ascendent two weeks later on June 25th. The following month, on July 9, 1964, a Solar Eclipse at 17 Degrees Cancer, fell in her seventh house of marriage. It squared her Progressed Sun at 17°Libra (the Sun represents the man in your life). This was setting the stage for the first try.

Figure 1



Marriage; 19CP38=========>ASC + Descendent - Venus
Increase; 12SA51=========>ASC + Jupiter - Sun
Death; 11TA45============>ASC + 8th Cusp - Moon
Female Child; 07VI21=====>ASC + Venus - Moon
Male Child; 00AQ42=======>ASC + Jupiter - Moon
Surgery; 24LI44==========>ASC + Saturn - Mars

Looking at John's chart (Figure 2), his Part of Marriage was the target of a Solar Eclipse at 23°Capricorn on January 14, 1964, sixteen months before the wedding. Remember the influence of a Solar Eclipse lasts approximately 18 months, so his chart was waiting for the right time. The July 9, 1964 Solar Eclipse at 17° Cancer that fell in Henrietta's seventh house made an opposition to his Part of Marriage.

Oppositions tend to put obstacles in front of us, so the opposing Eclipse wasn't working favorably at that time. Another point to consider - Henrietta's Part of Marriage had not been activated.


On December 4, 1964 another Solar Eclipse at 12°Sagittarius fell on John's Part of Increase in his seventh house of marriage. Two weeks later the Lunar Eclipse at 27°Gemini conjuncted his Progressed Ascendent at 28°Gemini involving him personally. The same Solar Eclipse trined Henrietta's Part of Marriage by four degrees which can represent time in weeks or months, etc. They were married four months later.

Figure 2 -



It is so nice to work with charts that are accurate. When you can find events that the Progressions, Eclipses and Lunations indicate - activating the Arabic Parts and seeing them work, you know you are working with a chart that will be very accurate in predictions.


Don't ever be disheartened if a sudden event slips up on you. Sometimes the planets are all aligned at just the right time. You can only see the event by setting up the chart after the event has taken place! Time is the most important part of any Horoscope. In the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:1-2..


1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

2. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted:

We will not continue, but you can see that God set a time for everything, mentioned in the passages following the above referenced.


Events can be seen easily in charts such as Henrietta's and John's. When you can't track an event, especially something sudden, like a bad accident or even a life taken, perhaps the Free Will has interrupted God's Divine Timing Plan. And, again, the soul has gone back to the wheel of reincarnation to come back again when the time is right. There are times when we can track it and do not understand why it ... then there are times when everything appears so clear, you know - you just know - the soul was working off some karma for itself as well as those involved.


The Marriage Sun


There is another timing factor we wish to show so you see just how much time is involved. This deals with the age of the couples at the time of their marriage. The future events can be timed by the Marriage Sun. Although this is not listed as a "Part", it certainly works like one. To calculate the Marriage Sun, you add together the PROGRESSED SUN of each party at the time of marriage, i.e.

John's Progressed Sun=======>09AR41 => 01:09:41
Henrietta's Progressed Sun==>17LI24 = +07:17:24
Marriage Sun================>27SC05 = 08:27:05

You place the Marriage Sun in each of the Natal charts. Progress it one degree per year to forecast events. You will see how well this works as we go into the marriage of Henrietta and John. You see that the Marriage Sun fell on Venus in Henrietta's chart in Figure 1. It opposed the Equatorial Ascendent in John's chart. The Equatorial Ascendent is sometimes called the East Point or Equator. Be sure you are aware of aspects to it that may inform you of coming events. We immediately see that the Marriage Sun has made contact with each chart. Figure 3 shows where the Marriage Sun falls over the next 25 year span.



1965 =====> 27°SC05......1978=====>10°SA05
1966 =====> 28°SC05......1979=====>11°SA05
1967 =====> 29°SC05......1980=====>12°SA05
1968 =====> 00°SA05......1981=====>13°SA05
1969 =====> 01°SA05......1982=====>14°SA05
1970 =====> 02°SA05......1983=====>15°SA05
1971 =====> 03°SA05......1984=====>16°SA05
1972 =====> 04°SA05......1985=====>17°SA05
1973 =====> 05°SA05......1986=====>18°SA05
1974 =====> 06°SA05......1987=====>19°SA05
1975 =====> 07°SA05......1988=====>20°SA05
1976 =====> 08°SA05......1989=====>21°SA05
1977 =====> 09°SA05......1990=====>22°SA05

And, Children Began To Bless Their Marriage....


On December 8, 1965, a Lunar Eclipse at 16°Gemini squared the Part of Female Children in Henrietta's chart. On May 4, 1966 another Lunar Eclipse at 14°Scorpio conjuncted Henrietta's Venus. In John's chart the eclipses began a bit earlier. On May 30, 1965 a 9°Gemini Solar Eclipse fell on John's Ascendent, squaring his Part of Female Children. This was highlighting the fact he was soon to be the Father of a BOUNCING BABY GIRL! On October 29, 1966 a Lunar Eclipse fell at 5°Taurus conjunct his Progressed Venus and trine to his Part of Female Children. On November 1, 1966 their first female child, Missy, was born. An interesting note - the baby's Natal Moon fell at 16°Gemini square Henrietta's part of female children! The Marriage Sun conjuncted the Part of Fortune in her chart. In John's chart it trined Mercury, the ruler of his fifth house of children. How nice for the Marriage Sun to announce the birth of their first child!


Three Years Later...


Henrietta and John were once again expecting an addition to their family. A thorough search was made of Henrietta's chart and very few aspects were found that pointed out the sex of the child.

There was a first quarter Moon at 17°Gemini, squaring the Part of Female Children in her chart a year before on March 7, 1968. Actually, we could only call this a "hint" since a quarter Moon isn't significant a year down the road.

Another quarter Moon trined the Part from 16°Cancer a month later. There were a couple other minor aspects throughout the period and then a Full Moon at 13°Cancer prior to their new daughter's birth on January 17, 1969.

Incidentally, she was born with her Ascendent at 13°Cancer 18! On the day of Julie's birth, Henrietta's Progressed Part of Fortune was opposing her Part of Female Children by 2 minutes! The Marriage Sun was indicating an event from its 1°Sagittarius position; it made a sextile to John's Moon and another sextile to Henrietta's Part of Increase.

In John's chart we have an entirely different story. On Nov. 2, 1967, a Solar Eclipse at 9°Scorpio sextiled the Part of Female Children and opposed the Part of Death. Henrietta had a very bad accident when she was just a few months pregnant. She almost lost their unborn daughter.

Another Solar Eclipse at 8°Aries, on April 28, 1968, made a trine to John's Part of Increase. His Progressed Mars was opposing the Part of Female Children throughout Henrietta's pregnancy. On December 4, 1968, a Full Moon at 13°Gemini opposed the Part of Increase one final time prior to the birth of Anna Mae, the following month. There was a very spiritual feeling in Anna Mae's chart. She was a special soul who quietly slipped into life. She had a mission to fulfill during her time here on earth.


No More Children...?


Several months after their last daughter was born, Henrietta and Harold were satisfied with the size of their family. It was then they decided not to have any more children. There was a 27°Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury in John's chart on March 18, 1969. Mercury, as you know, represents children in our charts (you do know that planets are people, don't you?)

John had a vasectomy as the New Moon at 27°Aries squared his Part of Surgery on April 16, 1969. The New Moon promise was unknown to John and Henrietta at that time. The Full Moon fell on Harold's Part of Death. It would have taken a very enlightened Astrologer to interpret this New Moon promise. This aspect should have meant the end of John's ability to produce children. Does a New Moon/Full Moon promise ever take more than the following month to be fulfilled?

The aspects caught up in the New Moon were quite interesting and informative. Transiting Jupiter was opposing John's Natal Mercury, but was retrograde. Transit Pluto was to the minute conjunct Natal Jupiter! If you notice, Pluto was also Rx. Was this telling him that his partner would have more children? His Progressed Sun was in trine aspect to his Part of Increase! Transit Uranus was trining his Part of Male Children. His progressed Mars and Progressed Part of Fortune were opposing his Part of Female Children. What in the world was going on?


Six Years Later....


Henrietta and John were ready to come back home from shrimping when the Police came looking for them. There had been an accident involving their two daughters. They were stunned! This was the first time they had allowed their daughters to go out under someone else's supervision.

The Policeman took John aside and advised him that both of their girls were hurt pretty bad. They were in critical condition.

In John's chart, transiting Uranus opposed his Progressed Venus and made an Inconjunct to Mercury. A left turn signal gave the green arrow, while the green light came on for oncoming traffic. A sudden, unexpected accident took the life of Anna Mae and put Julie into a coma for 10 days. The Doctors prognosis was grim. They did not expect Julie to live. If she did, they expected brain damage.

On November 29, 1974 a Lunar Eclipse at 7 Gemini fell on John's Ascendant and squared the Part of Female Children. The December 13, 1974 Solar Eclipse at 21°Sagittarius squared his Sun - (remember, the Sun rules Children). The Eclipses were saying something about a female child. The Progressed Marriage Sun at 7°Sagittarius was also squaring the Part of Female Children. Transit Uranus at 28°Libra directly opposing his Natal and Progressed Venus. It also made an inconjunct to Mercury. One month before this accident, John's Part of Death was widely conjuncted by a Solar Eclipse at 20°Taurus on May 11, 1975. The Solar Eclipse opposed his Part of Bereavement.




Part of Bereavement;28SA51====>12th + Ruler - Neptune

Part of Bereavement;26SC06====>As above


Part of Bereavement;04VI18====>As above
Coma;06SC01=============>ASC + Mars - Neptune
Death;21PI50============>ASC + 8th Cusp - Moon
Death of Sibling;16LE57=>ASC + 10 Gemini - Sun
Siblings;05VI22=========>ASC + Saturn -Jupiter

The Eclipse patterns over the last year before the accident, were falling in the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. A Solar Eclipse squared Henrietta's Sun from 29°Gemini on June 20, 1974 and opposed the Part of Bereavement, one year before this devastating accident. The Marriage Sun was conjunct the Part of Death. Six months earlier, on November 29, 1974, a Lunar Eclipse at 7°Gemini set the chart up with an opposing aspect. Another Solar Eclipse at 21 Sagittarius on December 13, 1974 opposed Uranus in Henrietta's chart.

This chart was strongly set for a sudden and unexpected (Uranus) death of a child (Sun). Albeit impossible to know at the time of Anna Mae's death, she left Henrietta a gift...the reason to learn Astrology. She went from one Astrologer to another for several years. She wanted someone to tell her why Anna Mae died at such a young age. She did not receive an answer. Henrietta came to see me one day and told me of her search for the truth in the death of her daughter. I gave her the only answer I could. I advised her to learn Astrology to find her own special answers.

Investigating Julie's chart, I found a transiting Yod - Mars at 17°Aries sextile transiting Retrograde Mercury 17 Gemini and both inconjunct Progressed Venus at 17°Scorpio.

Progressed Venus had been squaring the Part of the Death of Siblings for over one year. Mars and Jupiter, both transiting Aries, set up an applying inconjunct to Julie's Natal Neptune which accounts for her coma following the accident (Coma's are ruled by Aries and Neptune). The Part of Coma was squared by the Progressed Equatorial Ascendent as well as the Transit Equatorial Ascendent. The Solar Eclipse at 21°Sagittarius on December 13, 1974 squared the Part of Death. The Lunar Eclipse of November 29, 1974, at 7°Gemini squared her Part of Bereavement.

Julie's Progressed Jupiter was exactly opposing Anna Mae's Progressed Sun at 4°Aquarius. The doctors were also afraid of losing Julie, as she had no heartbeat for several minutes. Julie did fully recover and remained the loving, smart and alert child she always was.

Julie never could understand why she didn't go with Anna Mae when she passed over ... but by the opposition, apparently Anna Mae wouldn't let her stay. This could be the reason for the Yod in Julie's chart - as this configuration is often called the "Finger of God".

Was this the time Anna Mae had preplanned to slip back into Heaven? Her mission was complete, even though at the time no one could understand what it was. When the accident happened, the child did not know what hit her. Her chart clearly showed a sudden, but easy transition. A Lunar Eclipse at 7°Gemini on November 29, 1974 trined her Part of Fate at 5°Libra. On the day of her death, Jupiter was exactly conjunct her Natal Saturn (Jupiter over Saturn frees.)

The transiting Ascendant at 24°Capricorn conjuncted her Moon to free her Soul. Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct her Progressed Ascendent to the minute, blocking her from any pain. The Progressed Vertex was exactly conjunct Neptune, the planet of death. She went out of this world as silently as she slipped in.